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5 investing tips from hedge fund titans housing market to when to do business with Vladimir Putin. Many attendees at the 19th Annual Ira Sohn Investor Conference plopped down $4,000 a piece to hear tips from these titans of finance. Here are five top tips you can follow in case you weren't able to swing that ticket price. The founder of Greenlight Capital sought to illustrate his point by focusing on athenahealth (ATHN), whose shares have skyrocketed 120% since November 2012. The provider of technology services for medical practices is "caught up in a bubble and could easily" plunge 80% or more from its recent peak, Einhorn said. The hedge fund giant draw laughter by showing a series of video clips that poked fun at Jonathan Bush, the animated athenahealth CEO and a cousin of former president George W. Bush. Einhorn said athenahealth's lofty valuation doesn't match up with its disappointing financial results, and he knocked Morgan Stanley for overly optimistic expectations for the stock's performance. "This is what passes for conservatism during a bubble," Einhorn said, whose call sent athenahealth tumbling 12%. 2. There's money to be made in Russia While many investors are slashing their exposure to Russia, James Grant believes there's good reason to kick the tires of Gazprom, Russia's state owned energy behemoth. and an escalation of violence. But Grant quoted from Baron Rothschild, who famously said "the time to buy is when there's blood in the streets." Related: 3 risks from the Ukraine crisis Grant knocked Gazprom's corporate governance structure, which gives Russia's government control of 50% of the London listed company. "There is no more reviled business than Gazprom," Grant said, calling it "Herbalife without Carl Icahn" and suggesting it's the "polar opposite investment" of Tesla Motors (TSLA). Still, he noted Gazprom is the world's largest gas producer, it owns 17% of global gas reserves and trades at a hefty discount to average analyst price targets. 3. oil production should send crude oil prices sharply lower in the coming quarters. crude will continue to trade at a sharp discount to global prices. natural gas market. We just saw this movie. Why should we expect a different outcome," said Schreiber. crude contracts. "If you're long, I'm sorry for you. Maybe this makes you comfortable. At least you've got friends," Schreiber said. "Or it could make you feel scared. and global crude prices. 4. Housing market bouncing back? Think again Jeffrey Gundlach believes housing prices are set to tumble to new lows because affordability is a myth, borrowing costs will spook potential home buyers and young people may continue to rent instead of buying. "This is a generational preference. Young people were shocked and scarred by the housing collapse," said Gundlach, founder of Doubleline Capital. He pointed to the high percentage of people who moved back in with their parents amid the poor job market and high levels of student debt.

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