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5 Million Car Theft Ring Indicted CBS DC GREENBELT, Md. (WNEW/AP) Fourteen alleged members of a $5 million car theft ring operating in Washington and its Maryland suburbs have been indicted on federal racketeering charges. Rosenstein said at a news conference on Thursday that the group, called Simple City, stole and sold cars, electronics and firearms; committed fraud and identity left with stolen credit cards and checkbooks; committed armed robberies of business and stole from ATMs. The crime ring operated in Montgomery and Prince George counties and the District since as early as 2009. allegedly engaged in an array of criminal activity including vehicle thefts, armed robberies and identity fraud, Rosenstein said. Rosenstein says most of their crime sprees started with car thefts. would wait for a victim to park the car at a gas station or convenience store and leave the keys in the car and the defendants would then jump in and steal the car, Rosenstein says. Police believe Simple City is behind more than 100 car thefts in Prince George County over the last two years. used the vehicles to commit other crimes and then they would sell the stolen cars when they were finished using them, Rosenstein says. Each of the defendants faces up to 20 years in prison. Approximately 140 law enforcement officers from four federal, state and local agencies executed 11 search warrants and arrested seven people. A federal grand jury returned the indictments on Monday and they were unsealed Thursday. Seven of the defendants were arrested on Thursday, two were already in custody, and five remain at large. Earl Ferguson, AKA "Frank," age 32, of Upper Marlboro Lamonte Henson, AKA "Tiggy," and "Tiggy Stacks," age 23, of Upper Marlboro Michael Price, AKA "Mikey," age 21, of Suitland According to court documents, Simple City sold any personal identification information (PII) and credit cards and debit cards they stole during the crime spree to another group within Simple City led by Sylvia Price. Sylvia Price's group then allegedly used the PII and credit/debit cards to commit wire fraud, credit card fraud and aggravated identity theft. Sylvia Price typically provided a portion of the proceeds to Crews for disbursement to other Simple City members generally those members who were active participants in the thefts. Any cash obtained during the crime spree was kept by the conspirators and stolen electronics were typically sold for profit.

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