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10 Quick Facts About Smoking 1. Smoking leads to cancers. Especially lung cancers. 99% of lung cancer sufferers are smokers, hard evidence that smoking is dangerous for your health. 2. Smoking costs money. Around 1000 a year for the average smoker. This money could be better spent on other things, like a new holiday, car or shopping spree. 3. Smoking in front of your kids means they are more likely to smoke. Recent studies have shown that smoking in front of children is not only bad for their health but can have long term consequences too. As a teen, they are more likely to smoke after seeing their parents smoke. 4. Smoking when pregnant is bad for you and the baby. Reduced levels of oxygen through the placenta means a baby has to work twice as hard to get oxygen around their body. This could cause stunted growth and premature birth. Sometimes it causes miscarriage. Smoking when pregnant is just not worth the risk. 5. Smoking around others is bad for them. Being responsible means not smoking around others. Second hand smoke is still a major health concern and risk, despite the smoking ban stopping people from smoking in public. 6. Smoking causes loss of fertility. Research has shown that smoking can cause long lasting fertility issues. 7. Smoking leads to tooth loss. Gum disease is a big problem for smokers. Gum disease leads to tooth loss. Smokers also have other mouth relates health issues such as lack of taste buds. 8. Nicotine replacement products help you to quit. Cutting down on your nicotine levels gradually is a good approach to quitting, as it reduces withdrawal symptoms. E cigarettes, gums, patches and mints are all nicotine replacement products. Electronic cigarettes are inhalers which also fulfil the physical habit of holding a cigarette and the e liquid comes in many realistic flavours. 9. Quitting smoking with others helps. Research shows that quitting in a group helps maintain motivation and group support provides inspiration. Healthy competition is always good for you. 10. Smokers live for ten years less than non smokers. The amount of chemicals in a cigarette is extraordinary. There are thousands of toxins and substances which you intake every time you have a cigarette. C02 is one of the main problems, restricting oxygen to your heart and brain and leading to many other health concerns which shortens life expectancy. Your email address will not be published. Fields marked with asteric are required.

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