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117 Roosters Seized in SC Cockfighting Ring Bust INDIAN TRAIL, SC (WCNC) The nonprofit Carolina Waterfowl Rescue needs the public's help to care for and rehome 117 roosters and one duck seized in a cockfighting ring bust Saturday night in Wallace, SC. Five seized roosters died overnight from their injuries.The Indian Trail based nonprofit participated in the raid last night led by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Sheriff's Department of Marlboro County. The Humane Society of the United States also participated and took custody of 11 dogs also found on the property. (Criminal charge information can be obtained from the sheriff's office 843 537 6371).The roosters have severe injuries, ranging from stab wounds all over their bodies, head trauma and concussions to broken legs, ribs and bleeding from their ears, nose or mouth.CWR is at capacity for roosters and has an urgent need to find adoptive homes for the birds at its Indian Trail facility as well as the newly seized birds. The new roosters must be placed by April 10 or they will be euthanized.This is the second time in less than a year that CWR has been called by South Carolina officials to help provide animal care after a cockfighting bust. The rescue gained custody of nearly 150 roosters seized by police in May during a cockfighting bust in Chesterfield County, SC. Nearly 50 people in McBee, SC were charged for their part in that cockfighting ring.Some of those birds have already found new homes with other rescues but about 30 remain at CWR and are available for adoption.The all volunteer rescue is also calling on the community's help to buy food and medical supplies for these extra birds. The Humane Society of the United States did provide a $3,000 grant toward to kick start the care."Rescues like ours struggle daily with funding. Our animals simply don't have mainstream appeal," Director Jennifer Gordon said. "We want to save the world, but we just can't do it alone.

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