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13 spots for killer french fries at the Shore This is the first installment of our occasional summer food series in the Table section, which will take you on a tour of the season's best bites at the Shore. French fries, hot dogs, ice cream we'll cover it all, so bring your appetite! Our love affair with french fries is a story more than 300 years in the making. That's when, history tells us, Belgians began frying up thick slices of potato during the cold winters, in place of their usual fish, which were trapped below the frozen waters. Desmond Hussey of Kuppers French Fries in Seaside Heights scoops a fresh batch of fries into a cup. (Photo: Peter Ackerman/Staff Photographer) Other stories claim France is the birthplace of the french fry, and some say it was Spain. But for french fry lovers everywhere, where this beloved snack came from doesn't matter: We're just happy they're here. ASBURY PARK PRESS Summer countdown: Your guide to the best boardwalk eats A beach treat When we asked where to find the best fries at the Shore, readers shared their love for the spuds cooked up at Kuppers French Fries in Seaside Heights: "Have had a house in Seaside for over 30 years, and there is only one place we go for fries Kuppers on the boardwalk," wrote Leslie Carter of South Seaside Park. "Without a doubt, the best fries the boardwalk has to offer. Each order is freshly made, large portions every time, and the little crisps at the bottom of the cup . well, we fight over them! We know spring has sprung when we can go to the boardwalk and get Kuppers." Desmond Hussey of Toms River began working at Kuppers French Fries on the Seaside Heights boardwalk when he was a teenager. He now is the owner, and he moved his stand to Lincoln Avenue and the boardwalk following the fire in 2013. (Photo: PETE ACKERMAN/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER) "Kuppers French Fries the best!" said Tara O'Grady Hussey of Toms River. There's a reason Kuppers earns top marks for its fries owner Desmond Hussey has been cooking them up since he was in high school. "I started working there as a kid," said Hussey, 45, who lived over the bridge in Toms River when he first began making fresh cut fries at Kuppers in 1984. He would ride his bike to work, and made french fries at the stand in Seaside Park until 1995, when he bought it. ASBURY PARK PRESS 5 boardwalk spots that scream summer in Jersey Kuppers, which first opened in 1982, survived superstorm Sandy in 2012 but was lost to the boardwalk fire the following year. Last Memorial Day, Hussey reopened at Lincoln Avenue and the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, and he's ready for another summer behind the counter of the oldest french fry place at the Shore. And while there are other boardwalk favorites on the menu fried Oreos and Twinkies, funnel cakes, and lime Rickys and fresh filled cannoli that pay tribute to the original owners' Brooklyn roots Kuppers' namesake snack is the star, by far. "I specialize in fries," said Hussey, who works as a physical education teacher in Toms River during the school year and runs the stand with his wife, Tara. A busy summer, he said, could mean cooking up more than 25,000 pounds of spuds. A fresh batch of french fries from Kuppers French Fries on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights. (Photo: PETE ACKERMAN/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER) "I keep it simple," he said, with a process that starts with cutting Russet potatoes to order in a spot where customers can watch, then blanching and frying them in peanut oil. The fries are the only thing cooked in that oil, Hussey said, and he treates beachgoers to "great servings."

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