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19 WTF Facts That Will Make You Extremely Upset The world just sucks sometimes. Contemporary pop culture is full of both lies and truths that are hard to accept. The way you've come to think about "greats" like John Wayne and even the animated star of Pokmon is probably all wrong. And sorry, but Twinkies simply aren't the everlasting dessert you hoped them to be. This is all probably a lot to handle, but we're confident you can make your way through the following 19 truths. As there was already a registered Michael Fox in the Screen Actors Guild, the future "Back To The Future" star had to register another name. He considered going by his actual middle name, but instead decided to put down "Michael J. Fox" as a tribute to actor Michael J. Pollard. 2. Twinkies do not have an infinite shelf life. The Hostess treat doesn't last forever and has a shelf life of about 45 days. This is actually an improvement on the recipe that existed before the recent Twinkiepocalypse, which gave us treats that last longer than the previous shelf life of about 26 days. And if you'd rather eat something that you wouldn't believe could last forever anyway, here's a recipe for homemade Twinkies. 3. She was only 24 at the time. 4. Nicolas Cage got paid $20 million to play Superman . even though he never actually did. Tim Burton almost got to direct a version of Superman starring Nicolas Cage. Costume test photos even exist. This version would have been called "Superman Lives," and Cage has been quoted as saying, "Did I have a concept of how to play the character? Yes, and I can tell you it would have been gutsy. So maybe Warner Brothers got scared because they had two artists that weren't afraid to take chances." Would this movie have been good or terrible? That may be an unsolvable question. 5. "The Great Cat Massacre" is actually a real event that exists in history. French apprentice printers in the late 1730s came to hate how much better the French aristocracy treated their cats over the workers, leading primped felines to become symbols of classist oppression. In a display of opposition that may have killed the Internet in contemporary times, French workers began kidnapping cats to slice them open and hang them by nooses in the streets. According to the book "The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History," the whole thing was considered deeply hilarious and an early moment of triumph for the French working class. 6. President Richard Nixon hated Bill Cosby and allegedly had the FBI wiretap him. Camille Cosby, Bill Cosby's wife since 1964, revealed to Oprah that her family was audited four times in one year, had their phones wiretapped and were subjected to FBI visits at their house and on set. All of this was because Bill Cosby was put on Nixon's famed "Enemies List," along with celebrities such as Paul Newman and Barbra Streisand. 7. The actors that played C 3PO and R2 D2 hate each other very much. Kenny Baker (R2 D2) does not remember his days with actor Anthony Daniels (C 3PO) fondly at all and has even said that Daniels is "the rudest man I've ever met." In a longer quote, Baker explained, "He's been such an awkward person over the years. If he just calmed down and socialized with everyone, we could make a fortune touring around making personal appearances. I've asked him four times now but, the last time, he looked down his nose at me like I was a piece of s. He said: 'I don't do many of these conventions go away little man.' He really degraded me and made me feel small for want of a better expression." 8. Subway once released an official statement saying that "footlong" is a trademarked name and not an obligation of the length of a sandwich. After being sued multiple times over their popular "$5 Footlongs" not always being an actual a foot long, despite advertising that was pretty explicit about the size, the company had the nerve to make the following statement . "With regards to the size of the bread and calling it a footlong, "SUBWAY FOOTLONG" is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway Restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length."

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